Get in The Palooka's corner!

Your support is still greatly appreciated as we head down this part of our journey. Sign up for our mailing list to receive updates on film festival screenings, like us on facebook, and follow us on Twitter! We are also still accepting donations to pay for continued film festival submissions. If you can help, please take a look at a few thank-you gifts we have to offer!

Featherweight - $5
Have your name listed on our thank-you page.
Lightweight - $20
Your name listed, plus exclusive access to a streaming copy of the film during festival screenings.
Welterweight - $50
All of the above, plus The Palooka's official poster. 
Middleweight - $100
All of the above, plus a Limited Edition Poster signed by the cast.
Light Heavyweight - $250
All of the above, plus a pair of vintage boxing gloves used in the film.
Heavyweight - $500
All of the above, plus 2 tickets to any screening you may be near. (Transportation not included, unfortunately.)